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Member Testimonials
​As an active digital marketer for my business, I am familiar with the value of video as an advertising and brand awareness tool. I am also well aware of the costs involved in having quality videos produced for my business!
Recently, I was invited by the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce to participate in a video interview about my business, hosted by Clint Watson. Both Clint and the videography team did an excellent job putting the video together, using 2 cameras and good lighting to achieve a smooth and professional product. The video was posted on the Chamber’s Facebook page and a copy was made available to me for publication on my business’ YouTube channel. I also posted the video on our Facebook page.
In the 10 days that the video has been on Facebook, it has received 2900 views! This type of visibility is incredibly valuable to my business. The cost to me to receive this outstanding marketing was only a little of my time and my annual dues to be a member of the Oconee Chamber. If I had gone to a professional service to have this one video made, it would have cost more than my dues and wouldn’t have had the visibility behind it that the Chamber provides.
I have been a member of the Oconee County Chamber of Commerce ever since I bought my business. There is no other group to which I belong that is as committed to supporting and promoting its member businesses as the Oconee Chamber. I have learned many great lessons about how to be a better and more effective business owner, met lots of great people who have become both customers of and vendors to my business, and participated in many activities that help make the quality of life in Oconee County what it is. If those benefits alone aren’t enough to justify becoming a Chamber member, the direct marketing support like these member videos and email marketing opportunities should seal the deal for anyone looking to grow their business in Oconee County.
Brad Tucker
Georgia Square Collision