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Mentor Program

A Child in Oconee County Needs You

The Oconee County Mentor Program is looking for volunteers. The Mentor Program provides an opportunity for adults and kids to form friendships and have fun. "People are always surprised to find that there are students on the waiting list for Mentors in Oconee County," said Ann Hester, Executive Director of the Oconee Area Resource Council. "Last year we increased our efforts to recruit more volunteers but we still were not able to fulfill all the requests for mentors. This year we plan to start early and get the word out to the community."

Mentors usually spend a lunch hour once a week with a child at their school. Places to meet include the school lunch room and media center. They can help with homework, but are not there to be tutors. It's about building a friendship with a child.

In order to be a mentor, a person must be at least 18 years old and out of high school. An individual must also fill out an application packet, submit a background check, and attend a training session. However, the most important qualification is a real desire to work with young people. If you would like to become a mentor, contact Ann Hester at 706-769-4974 or ann@oconeeconnection.org.