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GoLOCAL Initiative
GoLOCAL is a voluntary effort to stimulate the economy in the Oconee County area. There is no membership fee. There is no punch card. There is no effort to publicly shame you if you aren't participating. And we all realize that it isn't necessarily practical to think that anyone can purchase every item that they need within their home community. This effort is simply designed to ask you to committ to better your community for today and the future. There is no cost for you to participate.
What you will receive is more layers of benefit for yourself and your community. Businesses will benefit through more traffic and more sales or services provided. By increasing their volume, their business will become stronger. By strengthening the business, we can stabilize the employment levels within the community. And once that is stabilized, we can work on reducing the unemployment rate that is facing our community. We all have family, friends or neighbors who have been impacted by the recent financial crisis.

You are paying taxes wherever and whenever you make a purchase. Everyone hates paying taxes, but most people don't think twice about paying taxes for someone else by purchasing goods and services elsewhere. You are either supporting your fire department, your schools, and your libraries OR you are paying for someone else's roads, law enforcement, or parks. By supporting local businesses, the taxes remain in your community rather than paying down someone else's obligations.

The goLOCAL initiative is designed to encourage you, your friends, and your neighbors to support local businesses. So join us as we goLOCAL!