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Drugs Don't Work
Join forces with other progressive area businesses in the Drugs Don't Work Program of the Oconee Chamber of Commerce. Drug use in your business costs money, customers and lost productivity!
To obtain drug free work place certification qualify for the 7.5% discount on your worker's compensation premiums, your must complete the following steps:
  1. Institute a substance abuse policy ~ Oconee Chamber has a sample policy.
  2. Conduct drug testing. Not all employees are required to be tested, however,
    pre-employment, reasonable suspicion, and post-accident testing are required. While random drug testing is not required, it is suggested. The Chamber provides a certified testing provider list. 
  3. Conduct on-going employee education. The program provides a monthly newsletter for employees to equal the required two hours of training annually. Half of the training must be complete before applying for certification.
  4. Supervisor Training is required. The Oconee Chamber can provide a newsletter to distribute to supervisors to meet the requirement. 
  5. Provide an Employee Assistance Program or post a referral list of treatment services.

7.5% Discount on Workers' Comp Premiums 

The General Assembly passed a 7.5% premium discount in workers' compensation insurance based on a certified drug-free workplace. The Oconee Chamber of Commerce provides the Drugs Don't Work program to our members free of charge, and gives the necessary tools to empower business owners to maintain a drug-free workplace. Enrollment and certification through the Drugs Don't Work program can also help lower workers' compensation premiums. 

Think drugs in Georgia don't affect you as a business executive? You might want to think again, consider these facts:
  • 38 - 50% of workers comp claims are related to substance abuse.
  • Substance abusers file 3-5 times more workers' comp claims. 
  • Substance abusers are 2.5 times more likely to be absent from work. 
 Having a drug-free program in the work place helps*:
  • Reduce medical costs and lost productivity.
  • Most larger companies have some type of drug testing in place,                                      so users look elsewhere for jobs. 
  • Lower employee turnover and reduce absenteeism. 
  • Protect loyal employees. 

Georgia Drug Free State Certification  Information:
Application for certification through Georgia's State Board of Worker's Compensation is available through their website www.sbwc.georgia.gov and must be renewed annually. Application and payment of $35 (this is the application fee from SBWC) should be sent to the Georgia Drug-Free Workplace Program. Keep Certificate on file and provide a copy to the Oconee chamber's Drug Don't Work Coordinator. 

                                                    DRUGS DON'T WORK
A division of the Oconee Chamber of  Commerce. For more information call Marshall Hooks, Oconee chamber's Drugs Don't Work coordinator, at (706)769-7947 or email mhooks@oconeechamber.org 

* Source: "Working Partners", National Conference Proceedings Report: US Dept. of Labor, the Small business Administration, and the Office of National Drug Control Policy. 
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